Brand Identity
Diseño de Empaque


Food & Ready-To-Eat


Dessert for me. Dessert for you.



To speak of sweetness is to speak of the universal language of affection and is an important part of the small pleasures of life. Dulcepamina understands the happiness that a dessert brings to our palate. Adriana and Chabela Ortega (brand representatives) asked for a graphic system that communicated a sweet and intimate universe for their clients.



The visual identity uses the versatility of the labels, to dialogue with the client. These give rise to a human part in them, writing the name of the dessert, as well as the inputs that each sweet carries.

Design → Minoru Higa

A sweet love story

The brand symbol represents the feeling of sharing, imaginary cutting a cake in half, and that in turn, becomes the initial of the name Dulcepamina.

Y es que Adriana y Chabela saben e identificaron muy bien que si hay un dulce pa’ mi, hay un dulce pa’ ti.