Hi, I’m Minoru Higa (Kisho), graphic designer focused on branding, visual identity and packaging projects. Currently you can find me as a Graphic Designer in Brandlab™.

My work philosophy is focused on finding the difference, making it transcendental and projecting it, because it is a sequence of acts that take us to opportunities of great value to impact our society.


Early years
Born in Lima - Peru (1998), in Nikkei cradle. During my childhood I was very attached to art subjects and it is in 2016 when I finally enter Toulouse Lautrec Institute to the career of Management and Graphic Design.

Since then, I have learned from the best teachers currently in the graphic design industry here in Peru. During these years in the business, I have been able to confirm and live what the great Massimo Vignelli testified under his experience -There is no design without discipline-. And there is no discipline without intelligence. Welcome, let’s start a new project.

Collaborations in
Toulouse Lautrec